Friday, May 21, 2010

It's YOUR Time

For such a time as this… If you spend any time in Christian circles, you’ll hear this phrase mentioned. It comes from the story of Esther in the Hebrew Scriptures. I’ve taught the book of Esther many times. I’ve even done more than casual research on the book. It is a fascinating and empowering story.

I read in something I received today the phrase “for such a times as this.” It stopped my day. It seemed to hit my soul. I think sometimes we become conditioned to these common phrases that they no longer have any power in our lives. They become mere clichés.

There are times in charismatic circles when someone has a “word” for you. These words are usually sprinkled with scripture that can be nothing more to us than spiritual clichés. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these words may not be words that empower and enlighten through the work of the Holy Spirit. What I am saying is that we don’t hear them anymore because our ears no longer hear.

I have a sense today that I need to hear what the Lord is saying. Maybe you do too. I don’t mean I need someone anointed to come by and speak a word over me in some ecstatic state. Not that I disagree with that, God has spoken to me many times through a anointed utterances.  Rather, I need to hear what the Lord is saying because it’s true. I need to hear it simply or perhaps profoundly because it is the unchangeable Word of God.

I tend to want those “fresh” words. I sigh when I hear a scripture verse. It is like – oh yeah, I know that. Or, I say to myself, I memorized that when I was 10 years old. Or, I say to myself, I’ve heard every sermon possible on that phrase. I want something new, something specific. I want to hear ‘thus saith the Lord to you Joyce Lighari, you will have a new sense of direction and you will know the will of the Lord for you.” Wow – wouldn’t I love to hear that? It would even be better if He told me exactly what direction I was supposed to go in. Sometimes we want a “prophetic fortune” rather than the discipline of finding out our direction through perseverance, struggle and even pain.

For such a time as this? What time? Now? Here? Was I born by accident? Well, maybe in the eyes of my mother and father I was. Maybe I was the accident they didn’t plan on having but to God I wasn’t an accident. He knew. He not only knew, but He decided that I would be born when I was and that my parents would be who they were.

God has been with me all of my life. That is not a unique truth only for me. It is true that He has been, is now and always will be with His creation. We are part of Him and He is part of us. Even when we don’t know He’s there, He is. When we don’t want Him in our lives, He is. Before we know Him, He is with us and knows our names. He planned us. The Divine Name,  Yahweh, I am that I am, means He is. That is enough.

We are all here for “such a time as this.” God’s timing is beyond our control. He wants us to come into alignment with His timing. I’ve been resisting this timing. I’ve been saying I must have missed His timing. I’ve been thinking maybe He forgot me somewhere along the way.  I’ve been thinking I am too old. It’s all over but the grave.

Last Saturday when I was asked why I was in the doctoral program, I answered that it is finally my time. I wonder today if that wasn’t one of the most profound and empowering things I’ve said in a long time. I wasn’t even sure I meant it. It just sounded good.

I told them I’d helped a husband get a PhD and that I had raised 8 children. What I didn’t say was that I typed and corrected his dissertation. I encouraged him, helped his career in many ways. There were times I sat for hours and days typing on a typewriter resume after resume. To say I’ve raised 8 children means I birthed them, changed their diapers, nursed their illness, stayed up late at night helping with projects, worried, prayed for them and so very much more. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’ve face some very difficult situations in order to raise these children.

When I ended my answer with, now it’s my time, I didn’t tell them how I felt that maybe it was too late for my time. In faith I said, it’s my time.

Today I am hearing “for such a time as this” in a new way. It isn’t a special word for special people. It is for me and for you, for our children, for their children. If Jesus tarries, it will be for the people 100 years now or a 1000. We are all here for such a time as this. I may not know what I am supposed to do during this time, but I know I am here for such a time as this…

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  1. It is time - weeks, months, maybe a year - we are going to see the outpouring that we long for.


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