Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gotcha Covered

It's been an interesting morning already... I slept late.  A load of laundry has been started.  The dog has been walked.  Sliced some of the amazing Rye Bread I made the other day, smeared it with butter, and have had some coffee - not enough, but I've had some... There is never enough coffee.

Just a normal day - except....

As I turned on my iPhone this morning, I always turn it completely off at night -my husband's phone is on all night for emergencies - as the Apple disappeared I saw a picture.  Pictures!  Pictures of my grandchildren in Connecticut off to their first day of school.  I don't say much ... most people don't realize how much I wish I could see my grandchildren more often.  I get to see two of them that live in TN but the others - hardly ever :(.  When pictures come, they light up my day.

They look so big.  Is it possible that the oldest girl is finishing Middle School and will be off to High School next year?  She is... I am hoping now to be there for her Middle School graduation.  Why does my family have to be so fragmented by distance?!

Then I looked - another text... HUH?  I don't recognize this number?  It was from an Indiana area code.  The message read:

On my way 2 work.  new number. Bill's gone 4 good.  Locks changed.  Love u! Mary

I didn't know a Bill or Mary.  Obviously, a wrong number.   But was it?

Here is how the conversation went from there...

Me: Wrong number
Mary: So sorry
Me: No problem.  Stay safe sounds like u need good wishes and prayers
Mary: God's on my side. Thank u
Me: He is on all our sides and u randomly sent this to a woman who prays and who has had God help her through and out of abuse so I am praying for you.  I know this is odd.
Mary: God had a reason 4 me contacting u.  Thank u so much.
Me: Yep god wants to remind u that He's got this
Mary: Thank u 4 ur kindness.  God bless.

Mary's message came in at 5:35 a.m. She probably wondered why the person this was intended for didn't reply.  Hours go by - maybe she wondered if anyone cared?  At 8:50 a.m., 3 hours later, I replied.  It was a God thing.  I could have ignored it.  I could have silently prayed for her but still ignored it.  I didn't.  I saw a woman in pain.  I knew a God who cared.  I knew I couldn't ignore it.  I'm glad I didn't.

God's got Mary covered.  Made me think,

I guess God's got all my troubles covered too.  

I'll never meet Mary this side of heaven.  But I've been connected to her because God loves her.  The same God who loves her, loves me, loves you... He is on "all of our sides."

                 No, God....

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