Friday, September 2, 2011

God created Fall because He loves me...

What's not to love about Autumn?

I thank God daily. I'm especially thankful in the Fall of the year because I live in one of the most visually stunning places on the planet...the Appalachian Mountains.

Having lived away from my hometown for the better part of nine years, I don't think I take for granted the annual picturesque moments when the leaves change colors. A simple Saturday afternoon drive with the windows down taking in the vibrant colors and crisp air of late October is the best therapy I know. My head becomes flooded with memories for long ago, as well as, not so long ago.

Fall means football! A sport that has been a part of my life in some fashion for over forty years. I started playing the game on an organized level when I was only five years old. Today, my Thursday through Monday has an element of football involved at some point in the day from September until January. I love it!

Fall means harvesting. As the growing season winds down, the bounty pours in to my home as homegrown produces are canned and prepared to hold over to the next growing season. Peppers, tomatoes, green beans and more are all plentiful and fresh. Another blessing from God.

All three of my girls were born in the Fall. The oldest celebrates her birthday on the first day of the new season, while the other two follow the first weeks of November and December. We truly celebrate Autumn in our home with birthday parties and family gatherings. The warmth of being with those you love always offsets the chill that arrives with shorter days of daylight. The kids play in the yard dressed in sweatshirts, pants and hats until their noses get a little red, then we retire inside for relief found in cups of hot chocolate complete with marshmallows.

I read more in the Fall finding my own comfort in lounging clothes while under a blanket with a good book. My wife and I enjoy watching several television shows together, so Fall brings a certain level of anticipation as a new season premiers and get started. Plus I'll admit...I'm a sucker for the old classics seen in the season like Charlie Brown once again trying his best to kick that stinking football. What a blockhead!

Tennessee has the benefit of four distinct seasons, and it's very easy to know at any given time about where our planet is located in its annual-long trip around the Sun. Since I love cool weather but not necessarily cold weather, Fall and Spring have always been to my liking. But all things considered...Fall is my favorite. I can't quite explain why, but I feel just a little closer to my Father then too. Chalk it up to sincere appreciation for His blessing called Autumn.

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