Monday, April 4, 2011


Lin won our contest and named the pink do-dads.  Congratulations Lin!
There back - the good old days are back!  You can now buy spoolies again.  Interested? Go to

The good old days can be relived with spoolies.
On a serious note, I understand that some of the proceeds from the "new" spoolies go to a mission project that helps girls go to school.  For that reason, I changed this blog (I don't get anything out of this).


  1. LOL! I never used spoolies -- I wonder if they were more comfortable to sleep in than the pink sponge rollers I used? :-\

  2. No they weren't they were rather hard.

  3. I slept in them every night when I was a kid. Loved the ringlets! I hear the new Spoolies hair curlers are super soft, so I signed up to place my order as soon as they are available. My daughter will love them!

  4. I could see these in my mind's eye. An older teenaged next door neighbor used them. I didn't know what they were called. Thank you. An age-old mystery solved ; )


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