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I certainly had no shortage of good preaching when I was a kid.  I heard great sermons from many of the giants of the faith.  I was blessed.  I heard a sermon today by one of my childhood pastors, Rev. Ben Crandall.  Back then we called him "Brother Crandall."  While I write much about my beloved first church, Salem Gospel Tabernacle, there is no doubt our shift to Calvary Tabernacle made a huge impact on me.

He seemed so visionary.  It seems he was ahead of his time with everything.  He brought all sorts of people to his pulpit, David Wilkerson was a frequent guest, Demos Shakarian came and many others.  He saw the leadership potential in my parents. My mother was graduated to teach adults at Calvary.  My father served on the rotating board for a short time.  I remember the pride I would feel that my dad was able to serve communion.

Brother Crandall was never afraid to see what God was doing next and follow it.  He was a change agent.  I suspect he still is.  Long before the church was opening Christian schools, he did.  Long before it was common to have cell groups, he had them.  I remember as a teen going to one and listening to him talk of Wesley.  He wanted to reintroduce small groups.  He wanted revival in Brooklyn and the greater NY area.

Often I would sit with his daughter.  If you listen to his sermon you'll hear him talk of Karen.  She was quiet.  Nevertheless we passed our "wallets" and looked at each other's pictures.  We scribbled notes on deconstructed offering envelopes.  For a short while, I had a crush on her older brother Doug.

His wife, Sister Crandall, was amazing at the organ.  She was amazing with the choir.  I think she taught Carol Cymbala a lot during those days when Carol and her fiancée Jim were in that choir.  I longed to be in the choir.  I even longed to play the accordion in the "orchestra."  Just before we came to Calvary she had taught accordion to the youth.

I heard him preach this morning.  His sermon really impacted me.  It was what I needed to hear.  I think it might bless you too!  Click here to hear it.

It was good to hear good preaching.  It was good to hear someone who imprinted my life.  I wish I could hear Pastor Johnson, Pastor Dahl, Brother Parker and more.  I'm thankful for the preaching of the Word.


  1. It is that building of a strong foundation of the Word that prepares us for growth and the ability to be visionary without the "nutty" value. :-)


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