Monday, May 16, 2011

After Thorough Analysis, I AM A C....

I love taking personality tests.  Whether it be the Dr. Phil personality test on Facebook or the fake Myers-Briggs, I never turn one down.  I did take the “official” Myers-Briggs a few years ago when I entered seminary.  I was amazed at the results.  I was an INFP.  Now I could understand myself and analyze the results.

I scoured over every piece of information I could find about the INFP.  I printed out pages and pages.  I think I still have them somewhere.  I determined, yes, I was an INFPIt was  the missing link of understanding.  However, there is one problem with this… last year I took it again.  This time I was an ESTJ.  WHAT??? Even if you don’t know anything about Myers-Briggs you can tell there is NO similarity between INFP and ESTJ.  In less than two years I developed the polar opposite personality.  I know South Dakota was life changing, but come on…

My favorite test to take was the “Strength Finders.”  I took that last summer for the first time.  I had predetermined what I would be after reading about it.  Of course, I read all about the test and the potential results before I took it.  However, this time I was honest with my answers.  My top strength?  Ideation.  Wow, that wasn’t on my radar screen at all.  Nor was strategic, input, or developer.  The last of the top five was the only one that I would have picked before taking the test, connectedness.  Once again, I had to analyze my results.  I read and printed more pages.  I googled many times these combinations for more “input.”  Hmmm… well, maybe that one was right after all!

When it comes to these types of tests I probably have taken a spiritual gifts inventory more times than anything else.  I always come out “pastoral giftings.”  Often administration and service show up.  I usually rank lowest in the area of financial giving.  I often am tempted to be less than honest so my test will come out something more interesting.  Maybe I shouldn’t admit that.

While I am confessing, let me tell about the latest test I’ve been exposed to, the DISC Assessment.  I was asked to take it for a job for which I applied.  I was excited.  Woo-hoo, now I can find out more about myself.  I didn’t like my results.  I was like what??? That’s not me.  Then I thought they probably didn’t want a person like that, nor did I see myself that way.  I picked the category I liked best for me and changed my results. 

Not my actual graph, the D was
higher in mine.  You know I
am a C so accuracy is important.
Saturday, the DISC assessment was given to me again.  I decided to be as honest as possible in my answers.  While a doctoral program is not a safe place, nevertheless, there is no value judgment on what you are – it is just what it is… guess what?  I turned out the same thing I totally rejected the first time.  Now that’s better than the Myers-Briggs!  Maybe I will finally know who I am before I get Social Security benefits.

It seems I am a C – no, not C for Christian and definitely not C for cute...but C for conscientious-ness.  Okay, I’m very conscientious about most things.  I am rule oriented.  And yes, it’s true, I don’t like sudden changes that haven’t been thoroughly thought through.  I do make decisions based on logic (except when it comes to buying shoes).  

The test was further analyzed.  My adjectives are calculated risk taker, controlled (not controling!), alert (if I have enough caffeine),  and courteous (I always say please and thank you and wait my turn).  These are surrounded by an additional 24 adjectives that I didn’t have time to write down.  I liked some of them better than others.  When I asked my husband, he said yes, that’s you, and concluded it was because I am Norwegian.  I think there’s another blog in that statement.

Gazing at The Thinker was
always a must on my
childhood trips to the
Metropolitan, now
I know why!? No further
analysis needed
Lastly, the test said I was an objective thinker.  It said I liked data and analysis.  I thought I’m not a scientist.  The test determined that I was objective.  I thought people like that are cold and unemotional.  I’m a bundle of emotions.  But despite my need for perfection, after further analysis, I have concluded that maybe I am a C-objective thinker after all J.  Now I have to analyze how this aligns with Pastoral gifts.  And what about creativity? I have a lot of that too... 

Today I read a great blog by my friend Pastor Duke, Original content – you are God’s masterpiece.  It got me to thinking (I can only sleep at night because melatonin shuts off the thinking temporarily).  I am original.  My originality is a gift from God.  I can be a C-objective thinker and be pastoral.  I love people.  Just because I am logical, rational, and analytical doesn’t mean I can’t also have a passion for people.   I’ll be analyzing this for days, if not weeks, and months.  Or at least until I take another assessment and have more data and input to analyze.
Psalm 139:14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

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