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The Beauty of a Leaf

I’ve been anxious to return to the park.   This park, like many parks, has become my morning sanctuary.   The weather wasn’t too hot.   There was rain in the forecast but only occasionally the clouds spit some rain.   I was ready. It was my first round.   I felt a little out of sync.   Even though I have continued to log many miles in my race for health and wellness, I haven’t been to the park for months.   I saw a familiar face in the distance.   A faithful dog walker who always greeted me.   Then another dog walker who usually doesn't, but today, perhaps because I hadn’t been seen for months, she greeted me.   It was good to be in the park. Something caught my eye.   I was listening to a podcast to feed my soul.   But there it was, lying on the ground.   It was a leaf.   A heart shaped leaf that had fallen to the ground.   It was badly damaged.   It spoke to me immediately.   I thought of how many times I’ve asked how many times a heart can be broken until it exists no more