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Ode to Columbia

Missouri      Misery            Mizzou  Words       Images            Feelings They come flooding over me like a fountain dammed up for a long time.         Are they good, are they bad?              I don’t know.                   I know they are strong. Why, what?         Why do I feel this way?              What is it about MISSOURI ? Not just Missouri but specifically Columbia . Visions flash in front of my eyes –       Hickman High, 16 years old, new girl in school.             A year later, married, pregnant, drop-out, failure – a ne’er do well. But MIZZOU      Legitimacy, not a failure,             a graduate, a degree                 but to some, still and always a loser. So much misery      so much pain           so much rejection                 volumes waiting to be written.   Is it MISERY or MISSOURI ? Visions of churches, 1 st Assembly where I married at 16; Christian Chapel where I tried to be legitimate and accepted.   Trying to