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Can You See Them?

When I was a child I used to hear sermons of hell       Someone would say they saw it          The vision of people falling into a fiery pit imprinted on my soul              I’d wonder and fear, cry and repent…                     Now I only think of another line, the line of saints going home I see them in line, in robes of white with sparkling crowns       As they near the throne, they stop and bow             They bow as they have always bowed, before the Lord of Lords I see my godly mother and father, flawed and imperfect made whole by the blood of the Lamb.       I see them together again, worshipping their Lord              They gave there best, they gave me life, they gave me LIFE – they gave me Jesus I see my Sunday School teachers and Pastors of my childhood      I see so clearly their imprint on my life – a heritage of holiness and faith               I see those I only saw in photographs, my grandparents and my mother’s childhood pastor I see the saints from Waynesboro