Got the Itch

It was in a classroom on one of the lower floors at John Jay High School in Park Slope Brooklyn.  We had to write a composition about an essay, or short story we had read.  I remember picking up my pen and putting it to the three holed paper - loose leaf paper, we called it.  I wrote something about enjoying what I read because I too wanted to be a writer.

That was a very long time ago.  My attempts at writing have filled these pages as well as those of Storehouses of Snow and Kingdom Bloggers.  I can't tell you how many times I've been told to write a book or how many times I have asked - should I write a book?  My analytic mind asks endless questions and never settles on an answer.

But I've got that itch.  I've got that itch to set my fingers to the keys and share my thoughts once again.  Will I ever write that book?  I don't know.  But I need to write.  I thought about a new blog but decided this one will do just fine - I'm still listening to the Sounds of Hope.

I'm a pastor now.  I pastor a wonderful country church.  Since I last wrote I got a doctoral degree.  So yes, it's Dr. Joyce now.  I guess I have published my first book - my dissertation on social media and Christian community.

When I graduated with my doctorate, my students
gave me these balloons and the dog.
Yes, I'm bragging but notice that
I'm the best teacher in the universe.

I got to hear students call me Dr. Joyce in classrooms at a Technical College. I recently resigned feeling the pastorate needed more of time.  I loved being a teacher and pray God will open up that door again.  I've seen adult minds expand. I've seen ideas light up the face of students.  I've laughed with them and heard them share their deepest secrets.

I wonder if I should have been a teacher all along.  I don't know.  I should know.  I'm old.  But perhaps one is never old if one is still exploring and learning and changing.

Exactly what thoughts will fill these pages, I don't know yet.  Come along with me.  Share your comments and thoughts.  I'm off on another journey. Join me.


  1. I've heard your wonderful stories about the students you've had in your classroom, I've heard the sadness in your voice for them, I've heard the hope that you have for them and I've heard how they thank you and praise you for guiding them and being such a great teacher. Don't doubt yourself my friend. You are truly gifted.

    So now God has moved you to a new teaching adventure, with wonderful people in a wonderful country church that you are shepherding. so don't doubt yourself my friend, just go with it. there's wonderful adventure of things in store for you .

  2. joyce i am inspired everytime i read your writting. its so real . when u write i feel as if im on this journeys with you. you are truely a gifted writer just stay true to you. and again ur writing is beautiful.


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