Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Best Decade

I don't know if this is the longest I have gone without writing.  I don't like to go this long.  Many things have grabbed my attention over the last few weeks.  I've been to both coasts of the United States, seeing the Atlantic and the Pacific, seeing the Hudson River and the San Francisco Bay.  I've ridden a subway, but didn't take a cable car.  Something I'll probably regret but the taste of sour dough is still on my tongue.  I brought some home.

The bumpy air ride over the Rockies was something I'd never experienced.  However, very small in comparison to days on a wagon train as people pressed past their known world to the glories of the west, or in search of gold.  For me the gold of this trip was not panned in San Francisco but on the east coast.  I saw one of my beautiful daughters try on her gorgeous wedding gown.  I wanted to cry.  Not because the dress was beautiful, or even that she is - and they both were stunning - but it was the smile on her face, the joy I saw, she will be a glowing bride as all brides should be.

As I boarded the plane to return home from the glories of the East Coast, the calendar reminded me that I had reached a new decade.  I've had much angst about this milestone.  I want to turn the clock back.  I know there are no do-overs.  Time always keeps moving.  But as God always seems to do, He gives you grace for each day.  He will give me grace for this decade.

When I look back at passing the last decade, it really didn't go that fast.  I am hoping this one doesn't go too fast either.  I want to stop, slow down, enjoy every moment.  I learned a lot about myself over these last few weeks.  I learned that it is time for me to get over my "poor" mentality and to enjoy life.  I learned that when I told my story to a new friend, she wept a bit and told me I was inspirational.  I learned that this is a big world and there is much I still want to do and see.

I have gotten up out of my seat - This will be the best decade if I just keep moving.

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