Returning to Learning

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More than January, September has been the truer ‘fresh start’ for me. Whether or not, you are governed by the school year September promises new things. New school supplies (for my Boy), new clothes (also for my Boy), new classes & programs through the Parks & Recreation board and new ministries at church. I see friends that I haven’t seen during the summer because our kids are busy in 10 different directions. Churches are full once again (or not) after people have returned back from their cabins/cottages and RV trips.

After 10 months of routine, I look forward to summer for less structure but being a fairly structured and organized person, two months is about all I can take without yearning for order and routine in my days. By mid-August, the days are still nice but we already experience a chill in the air in the evening and the days are starting to shorten.

September is back to school and back to routine and I’m looking forward to that. The biggest reason? I like my days when I spend time with the Lord, uninterrupted; or at least not interrupted by anything other than distractions of my own making.

My life feels decadent, like it’s a gift. I joke when I say that I’m a lady of leisure but it’s true. I work but I work so little that when someone asks me if I work, I say no and then I remember twice a month I receive money in exchange for a few hours a week of editing for a marketing company, working from home.

I’ve been in seasons where I was involved in church leadership and ministry but for the past two years (now going on 3), the Lord has kept me hidden to ‘be still and know’. Aside from normal household duties, nothing has been required of me so I spend my weekdays reading and studying the Word and worshipping. Except for Thursday – Thursday is my cleaning day.

My Man looks at the practical side and wonders if all my study and worship will lead to an income. I smile sweetly and tell him that I do not believe for a second that all my intense time with the Lord is simply for my own benefit. In due time, I will be asked to freely give as much as I’ve freely received (such as I am already doing by blogging). And then I remind him that God has always provided so whether I make money is no concern of mine.

So this September, I look forward to returning to learning. As my Boy enters a new grade and he learns new things, I turn to Jesus when he said, Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. Okay Lord, I’m ready.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful gift; time with the Lord. I had a season like that where I had every Friday to do as I pleased, and I spent it going to conferences, reading, studying and praying.

    I love learning too.

  2. God, family and education are the priorities at my home! I've found that keeping those in line eliminates the vast majority of conflict because everyone knows the expectation.

    Can't believe I wasn't following your blog! Love the flower background too!


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