Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Blanket of Stars

(A loving tribute to Elsie Mae from her 
granddaughter Bethany)

No warning came to ease my pain,
Not enough time to understand,
Things will never be the same.
The night and day.
They have been so cruel.

A blanket of stars covered and took her away.
And morning light robbed me of her soul.
They took a piece of me.
And left me wounded and unwhole.

The wind could be kinder.
If it would only impart a gentle reminder.
If only I could hear her voice,
Echo so softly in the wind.
My pain ever slightly to rescind.

Autumn brings its colored leaves.
Falling down to earth,
Back to dust the very earth grieves.
Earth grieves death,
Colorful, orange and gold,
Deaths brutal sting.

In spring comes lifes new breath.
The colors, pieces of her life.
They fill me.
Human, imperfect, failing.
I am broken I see.
I wonder if Earth cries out...
In pain would I hear its shout?

Earth will not hold her.
To the heavens she traveled.
A journey up as human life unraveled.
Unfolded and cofounded,
I am left wounded and dumb.
Pained, angered, and sometimes numb.
Yet I am but ash what do I know?

Earth has been cruel.
Heavens please be kind.
Wrap her in your heavenly arms.
Seduce her and love her with heavenly charms.
Love her as I do, tell her my heart.
So she will know I love her,
For this time that we are apart.

Reunited again..
With my grandmother.
With beautiful,
Oh someday...
Elsie Mae.


  1. Beautiful! Bethany should write more - perhaps her own blog????? :-)

  2. Your writing is absolutely beautiful the writer has a true gift of expression.


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